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Our company has been developing software products in the fintech field for more than 5 years and is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Fintech and Innovative Companies (UAFIC). Our clients and partners are leaders in the financial market!


MicroF1™ is a digital lending software provider. We develop flexible software for MFIs, credit unions, collection agencies, leasing companies, retail & e-commerce, and banks. We automate financial companies with customizable workflows and risk policies. Our lending systems provide applications, e-KYC, scoring & decision engine, loan management, operating cost reduction, and NPL control. Our technology platforms served 1.5 million ❤️ customers of online lending services and issued more than 1 million 🔥 loans.

36 modules of flagship s/w MicroF1 2.8 for PDL

The solution supports microcredits, payday loans (PDL), installment loans, etc.

  • Borrower's personal account with the quick start wizard
  • Extensive credit products settings
  • Profile and application settings
  • Pairing with lead generators/CPA networks: SalesDoubler, FinLine, StormDigital, LoanGate, Admitad, DoAffiliate, Affise, Lead.su, LeadGid
  • Integrations with Credit Bureaus: UBKI, MBKI
  • Anti-fraud: EMA Blacklist, Blacklist service
  • Remote identification: BankID Privat, BankID NBU, EDS/QES, Liveness detection, Facebook
  • Customer verification by calling via Rikkicom service or internal telephony
  • Verifier workstation, internal blacklist
  • Financial monitoring: PEP, terrorist, and sanctions lists
  • Decision support system and scoring engine; integrations with Vodafone/Kyivstar Big Data Scoring and Risk Tools
  • Connection with PrivatBank, Platon, Procard, Fondy, 4bill.io, UPC, PayCore.io, and other payment processing
  • Support for PrivatBank, City24, 2click, iBox, EasyPay networks of cash payment terminals, Pogashay.ua service
  • Recurring payments settings and calendar
  • Automation of mailings and communications, including SMS, email, IVR, IM chatbots (Telegram)
  • Management of tasks and reminders
  • Distribution of clients/applications/loans by employees, taking into account the workload
  • Lead management and call tracking
  • Notifying employees when paying/changing the loan/logging into the account, etc.
  • Integrations with CRM Bitrix24, IP-telephony Asterisk
  • Loyalty system for customers: promotional codes, discounts, cashback, rewards
  • 'Invite a friend' referral program
  • Analytics: 18 reports and Metabase Business Intelligence. Real-time dashboards builder
  • Many types of fees and renewals
  • Individual interest rate
  • Multi-firm accounting
  • Open API for developers
  • Targeted actions of employees for setting up workflow and analytics
  • Debt collection support, collection status & tag management
  • Credit debts sales
  • Credit accrual of your collection agency
  • Role-based access control
  • Users actions logs
  • Documents editor: loan agreements, supplementary agreements, references...
  • Integrations with Sender messenger and Corezoid process engine
  • Streaming archiving for high-load projects.
33 modules of s/w platform MicroF1 3.0 for lending

The universal system supports many types of loans: consumer loans, BNPL, microfinance, payday loans (PDL), installment, car financing, mortgages, POS finance, etc.

  • Borrower's personal account with the quick start wizard
  • Settings for loan and deposit products
  • Client profile settings
  • Client management: borrowers/debtors/depositors, their loans, and deposits. Key field search
  • Pairing with lead generators/CPA networks: SalesDoubler
  • Integrations with Credit Bureaus: UBKI
  • Anti-fraud: Blacklist service
  • Remote identification: BankID NBU, EDS/QES, Liveness detection
  • Digital KYC, internal blacklist
  • Integrations with Vodafone Big Data Scoring
  • Connection with Platon, Fondy, and other payment processors
  • Recurring payments settings and calendar
  • Automation of mailings and communications, including SMS, email, IVR
  • Distribution of applications/loans by employees, taking into account the workload
  • Lead management and call tracking
  • Notifying employees when paying/changing the loan/logging into the account, etc.
  • Integration with IP-telephony Asterisk
  • Deposit management and billing. Replenishment and closing of deposits
  • Deposit applications and calculator
  • Refusal codes for loans and deposits
  • Promo codes for deposits and loans, discounts
  • Analytics — embedded Metabase business intelligence subsystem: real-time dashboards, queries, and graphs
  • Fees, renewal, restructuring
  • Documents editor: loan agreements, supplementary agreements, references...
  • Open API for developers
  • Multi-firm accounting
  • Debt collection support, collection status & tag management
  • Formation of multi-funnel for building complex business logic
  • Flexible customization of the funnel of the consolidation process and the deal
  • Assignment of claims on loans from financial institutions, factoring agreements
  • Role-based access control, employee management
  • Users actions logs
  • Modular HMVC architecture for scaling, high-load, and operational support.

⚡️ Work with documents 24/7 from anywhere in the world from your smartphone, tablet, computer

⚡️ Give legal weight to documents with QES and MicroF1 ID in 5 seconds!

A qualified electronic signature has the same legal force as a handwritten signature and has the presumption that it corresponds to a handwritten signature. An electronic signature guarantees:

  • Document integrity — no one can discreetly edit the signed document
  • The exact date and time of signing the document, confirmed by the Accredited key certification center
  • Identification of people who signed the electronic document.

Basic functionality of the identification and verification service:

  • Support for work with all Accredited Key Certification Centers in Ukraine
  • The widest range of document formats
  • Signing documents by employees of the organization
  • The signing of documents by clients and other contractors
  • Open API to automate the process of signing and integrating with your working system
  • Ready-made connections to MicroF1 2.8 for PDL and MicroF1 3.0 for lending software platforms
  • Signature transaction retries when external servers fail
  • The signed document is returned as a response to the production environment for storage.

The MicroF1 ID 1.1 service can be used by organizations as:

⭐️ A tool for automating the signing of documents using QES/ EDS in a working environment: CRM or ERP, Personal Account, mobile application, etc.

⭐️ The core of modern electronic document management by company employees or the core of a document exchange platform among contractors.

⭐️ Integration of internal and external workflow in a single system.

Building such ECM or DMS systems based on our API is possible by your own developers or by the MicroF1 team.

💡 The cost of using the service is calculated according to the transactional model according to the current tariff scale.

The flexible and feature-rich architecture of the online lending software

Customization & Development

An efficient innovative loan management system

Business Process Automation

Preventing bad loans using artificial intelligence

Predictive Modelling


We implement and support our software products as white label: MicroF1 2.8 for PDL, MicroF1 3.0 CRM for lending & collection, MicroF1 ID, MicroF1 DSS for lending, and others. Our low-code and no-code builders make software maintenance as easy as possible. We launch online businesses based on payment services, bots, CRM, DSS, and BI systems. Since 2017, we have completed 💪 21 fintech projects!


Credit Risk Expert EUROGROSHI, NEOCREDIT and others

"Taking into account the fact that in my work I used many similar software tools, including software from the USA and Europe, I can make a reasonable conclusion about the high technological level and quality of MicroF1 solutions. I recommend MicroF1 to colleagues from risk management and credit business in general, and I wish the company new effective products and interesting ambitious projects!"

CEO Financial company "TOP1" LLC

"We appreciate our technology partners MicroF1 ― a team of developers and consultants in the field of fintech. They managed to launch our financial service in record time ― in 6 business days! This was made possible, in part, by the fact that most of our employees were already well acquainted with MicroF1 software products at the time of the start of the project."


"We recommend the fintech company MicroF1 as developers capable of quickly implementing the required functionality with high-quality performance. We are completely satisfied with the cooperation with them both at the level of communication and understanding of the subject area, and at the level of obtaining the expected specific result according to our agreements."

CEO Financial company "TRADITION" LLC

"The constantly updated automation system of the financial company MicroF1 2.8 for PDL Extended ver. and other IT services help to comprehensively manage our activities, keep credit records and get the necessary analytics. The professionalism of our colleagues, an excellent understanding of the credit business processes, and a high reaction rate help us improve the efficiency of business functions, to develop dynamically in the Ukrainian market."

CEO Financial company "COMBI" LLC

"We recommend MicroF1 partners as experts in the field of Fintech. Their developers and consultants are high-level professionals in the field of launching and maintaining online financial services. Cooperation with colleagues MicroF1 allowed us to automate our activities, digitize business processes based on cutting-edge web technologies. IT specialists quickly implemented and implemented all the new features we ordered."

CEO Financial company "E GROSHI COM" LLC

"The actively developing system of complex automation of the financial company MicroF1 2.7 for PDL Extended ver. have been maximizing the productivity of our business during several years. Highly qualified specialists, an excellent understanding of credit business processes, and speed of response to inquiries help us to be among the market leaders. MicroF1 software complex has covered all new market and regulator requirements, as well as embodied our exclusive wishes."

Director Financial company 'FinHelp' LLC

“We recommend MicroF1 specialists as experienced IT professionals who are able to solve any technical challenges in the fintech sphere... We are quite pleased with the cooperation with them. Interaction with colleagues from MicroF1 allowed us to automate our activities based on the new solution ‘MicroF1 3.0 CRM for collection’. The software meets our main requirements and takes into account the specifics of working with clients and partners.”

Anzhela Malovichko
Director Financial company 'Premium Assets' LLC

“We recommend colleagues from MicroF1 as strong professionals. Their developers and other IT experts have confirmed in practice a high level of expertise in the development and implementation of software solutions for financial companies. Long-term cooperation with partners from MicroF1 allowed us to automate our activities, to digitize part of important business processes based on cutting-edge web technologies. Software development took into account not only the features of our industry but also the specific characteristics of our organization.”

Irina Koretskaya
Director Financial company "E Groshi" LLC

“MicroF1 software has successfully closed all questions on setting up credit packages, decision support, scoring, integrations with banks and payment providers, credit bureaus, CRM and collection work, reports, and business intelligence. Blacklists, verification algorithms, document and message templates, access control, and other important aspects are developed at a high level. The software package is regularly updated and it becomes easier and better with every new release.”

Ignaty Zhubrun
CEO Shvydka Pozyka
“We recommend online microcredit solution MicroF1 and their team of specialists: developers and implementers. Service and software development recently covered the following areas:
  • integration update on changes of the Platon payment system protocols;
  • changes in the personal account of the borrower, increasing usability, new parameters of the loan application;
  • software updates, integration updates with the credit bureau UBKI;
  • user consultations, server maintenance, security issues, etc. ”
Irina Koretskaya
CEO Financial company "E Groshi" LLC

“The developed and constantly improved electronic document management and accounting system fully meets our needs and has allowed us to achieve high efficiency of interaction with our customers. Separately I would like to note the efficiency of developers and the high speed of response to our requests and wishes. Qualified employees of MicroF1 showed their competence not only in the field of software development but also helped in the analytical and management issues of microcredit business.”

Ignaty Zhubrun
CEO Fincom Credit LLC

“During our joint work, MicroF1 specialists performed all the work strictly in accordance with the schedule, conditions, and requirements under the contract. After completion of the implementation job, the company's employees responded promptly to our requests, developed our system on order, shared their experience and best practices during the whole period of the system maintenance.”


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